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Cloud, security, and solutions professional finding success in providing customer service oriented solutions while maintaining a high level of technical ability. I am currently a cloud security engineer working on a variety of projects for multiple federal stakeholders. At heart I am a problem solver driven to make the most effective difference while managing cost and risk. In the future, I hope to use my skillset to design solutions and guide organizations to succeed in our quickly evolving industry.


Zeneth Technology Partners - Federal

Cybersecurity Engineer

  • Working on multiple projects and solutions in a cloud heavy environment. Developing apps for intel/log aggregation and accompanying dashboards. Working across multiple clouds, on-prem, and a range of tools to facilitate integration and new systems. Facilitated projects involving multiple federal agencies to provide new solutions. Worked on cloud CDM pilot with DHS stakeholders to create an alternative to on-premesis tools.
  • Buchanan & Edwards

    IT Administrator

  • Lots of hands on in a Microsoft heavy environment. Implemented several solutions such as SSO, org wide MFA, EMM, and created apps to automate user provisioning. Made many strides in increasing the security posture of the organization and was recognized for significantly reducing targeted phishing attempts.
  • Sodexo USA

    Assistant Controller - IT Support

  • Performed various dities in operations accounting, auditing, and budgeting. Later took over IT manager's duties and helped launch digital signage, social media, financial systems. Implemented best practices such as SOPs and a ticketing system to ensure service would carry on beyond my tenure.
  • Revolution Cycles

    Sales Associate - Store Manager - Tech

  • Provided expert customer service, lead a sales team beyond sales targets, and performed various duties to support store operations
  • Education

    George Mason University

    I am currently a junior at George Mason University and working part-time towards a bachelor's focusing on IT. Estimated graduation date is "when it's done".



    Automated Security Ops Testing Environment

    Recently I was tasked with creating an environment for security operations users to test potentially or kown malicious links, files, and other artifacts. I facillitated this by designing a small system in Azure leveraging a DevTest Labs account, an Azure Bastion Host, a Logic App, and ARM Templates. This environment allowed security users to perform their analysis quickly and have VMs re-launched automatically after bein compromised. A contained network, use of Azure features such as Bastion, Network Security groups, and basic netwoking concepts provide an environment completly seperated from our client's infrastructure. The environment is relitively low cost and can be launched via ARM template on the fly.

    Mason Dining Help Desk Infrastructure

    During my later time working at Sodexo USA (Mason Dining) I took over management of all of our technology operations. I took this opportunity to implement several industry standard practices including a help desk ticketing system to better manage user requests and problems. This among other improvements greatly increased user/customer satisfaction. This system I put in place was easily transferable to new employees as well.


    Below are some of the technologies I am skilled or have familiarity with. Some are relatively new and not things I pretent to be well versed in using

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